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36th Scottish International Patrol Jamborette BAC Contingent 2018

Email Address

Please contact Mr. Ryan at his email address for any questions during the trip.

Cell Phones

  • All Adults will have cell phones for emergency calls only please. Please contact Mr Condon for those numbers.

Mail during Jamborette

  • The camp Post Office offers a full postal service. The camp address is

Name of Scout

Name of Contingent

Scout International Camp

Blair Atholl


Perthshire, SCOTLAND

PH18 5BA

Emergency Contact: July 17 - July 27

Camp Office Telephone Number:          011 +44-1796-481-501

Camp Office Email: [email protected]

Emergency Contact: July 28 - August 02

Telephone:                      011 +44-1383-419073

Fax:              011 +44-1383-414892

Email:                 [email protected]