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36th Scottish International Patrol Jamborette BAC Contingent 2018



Leaving Norway tomorrow

Posted by Brett on July 15, 2012 at 4:30 PM

Sunday July 15, 2012


Weather: Partly cloudy, brief drizzle

Hello from Bergen,


Woke up in Flam, looked at the mountains and “our” waterfall, sighed deeply, and left for the ferry ride to Gundvagen via a van to catch the bus to meet the train to get to Bergen to follow Brett on an extended hike to the Hotel.

The ferry traversed the Aurlands Fjord from Flam to Gundvagen. To say the scenery was breathtaking doesn’t do it justice. The adults stood on the deck fascinated by the varied scenery, took many pictures while the scouts played cards. Oh, the lost moments that will be regretted in 30-years.


The trip on the fjord was cooler than we have experienced because of the water – hoodies and fleeces were the clothing of the day. As we travelled we saw seagulls following us (had to remind the scouts that what goes in at one end comes out the other). George - Jim and Linda discovered a new Bingo Special, bacon wrapped, cheese filled, and extra long hotdogs. By the time the trip was over they were all gone. Ray didn’t get “second breakfast”, darn scouts. Looking at the kayakers and the tents pitched along the edge on the fjord at the base of the mountains, surrounded by waterfalls, gave us new ideas hi-adventure trips. As we went along, we lost count of the waterfalls after 70 some. The snow still on the mountaintops provides plenty of water to continue until late July. The boat captain pointed out one waterfall that he said was the biggest in Norway. The ferry made a number of stops at small but picturesque villages along the water picking up a few passengers on the way.


We pulled into Gundvagen, which is about the size of Shady Side, but it did have a souvenir shop and a bus station. When the busses pulled out, the population dropped by 50%. Our bus driver was great – he spoke English and different from our last driver, actually commented on the areas we passed through and actually had a great sense of humor.


The trip had many interesting highlights: we picked up a number of people on the way and in doing so we traveled a series of switchbacks that would make Lombard St. in San Francisco look like a cakewalk. The main highlight of the trip was pointed out to us as we went through a small town were the biggest talent was the individual who produced a local delicacy that makes Haggis look tame. Lets just say two of the ingredients included sheep brains, and eyes. The driver suggested that if you didn’t want your food staring back at you, eat the eyes first. Needless to say it will not appear on a future camping menu.


After arriving at Voss, we walked across the parking lot to catch our train to Bergen. The train trip was uneventful except for the attempt to post a single message to let you know our progress while dodging tunnels.


We arrived in Bergen and eventually found our hotel. Ray and Brett are still debating on whose fault is was, but Brett seems to come out on top because I’m writing this.


After checking in and stowing or gear in the rooms, we went to the funicular to get to the top of Mount Floyen. The whole city was spread out in front of us, including the rain clouds coming from Russia (?). After viewing the magnificent panorama in front of us, an ice cream was needed. I should note that after waiting for days, Ray’s wife finally called him as we were coming down from the mountain. Unfortunately, just as he answered the call, the funicular entered a Troll cave (aka tunnel) and the signal dropped. Connection was re-established after leaving the tunnel area to great applause from the Scouts.


Dinner was a great success. The restaurant has a selection for everyone, even Jordan.


Tonight consists of showering (thank goodness), repacking, and getting ready for our 4AM pickup for the trip to Bergen airport. We leave at 6AM to fly to Copenhagen to get to Edinburgh. Does this mean we are doomed to do this for the rest of our life?


Just so you know, we will not have Internet at the scout hut in Edinburgh; so don’t expect a blog until we get to Blair. Sorry for the blog withdrawal, get over it!


We expect many comments on the website when we reconnect.


 Till next time….


 Scout question of the day:


As the ferry was leaving the ferry terminal in Flam, we were asked, “Why is the ferry turning around?” The adults answered, “So that it doesn’t drive on the road”.


General ramblings:


Chris’ follow-up comment – “Hi mom”


The corn flake contagion is spreading – now it extends to puffed rice. God forbid we have porridge next.


Adult quote – “Do you want some cereal with that sugar?” Follow up scout response- “At least I only spilled corn flakes on the chair, not the floor.” Adult response – “Have you looked behind you?”


Till next time…..


Ray and the Adults.

Tomorrow's weather in Edinburgh:

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Reply Carmina
6:00 PM on July 15, 2012 
I'm exhausted just reading about your day and all the different modes of transportation, you can't beat the views though. I'm sure the boys saw a lot even while playing cards. Thanks for a great beginning, part 2 coming soon.
Reply Georgia Wyatt-Meyers
7:04 PM on July 15, 2012 
The pictures are unbelievably gorgeous! Wow!
Reply Condons
9:04 AM on July 16, 2012 
Carmina is right! We too are exhausted just trying to keep up with the pack. I assume gravity was helpful on the 13 mile descent down the mountain the other day. Was the mountain goddess posing for the tourists or some wayward sole?
Reply Lucy Jensen
2:02 PM on July 16, 2012 
Wow! What a trip. If the first part of the journey was like that, I can't imagine how much fun the rest of the time will be!

Now personally, I love pickled herring. But on a pizza - really?! And, did anyone try the "local delicacy"? Or, did anyone send some back to George for him to sample...?
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